Friday, April 24, 2015

FASHION | Get away from it all with these getaway bags

Spring, summer or whenever, there will always come times when you just want a quick escape. Even I make those occasional quick trips somewhere. And for those times you have to pack light because it's just a short trip after all.

Now to get yourself ready, first you need a bag, a proper bag that will fit all your essentials but which won't saddle you with all that bulk. Take a look at these five beauties here:

2015 04 24_getaway bags

(1) Getaway duffel from Owen and Fred
It's a casual design and which could be your perfect getaway bag. The leather trim and polished metal add an upscale touch.

(2) J.W. Hulme continental duffel bag
For a more elegant and dignified look. Crafted in the USA by the century-old leather shop, you can't go wrong with this one.

(3) Pebbled leather Wythe weekender by Ben Minkoff
Still what I would place under more elegant options for a weekender bag, this one, though, has a touch of sportiness or edginess, thanks to that contrasting side stripe.

(4) Color Visetos weekender by MCM
Another classic option, when you want your weekend bag monogrammed.

(5) Tumi Alpha 2 satchel
Okay, so you don't want any of that leather in your getaway bag because leather probably reminds you of work, from which you want to escape in the first place. This one here is crafted from ballistic nylon for a really casual look so you can feel completely relaxed throughout your trip.

So, are we set for the weekend?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 22Apr2015: Sexy hands


I'm definitely not talking about my hands here, which are far from being sexy. It's this interesting skeleton hands necklace Kwittiegirl got me. No doubt it's a statement piece and I had some reservations about wearing it on a regular day. But then I thought if I could wear a razor blade necklace, then why not this one.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

FASHION | Stay hip with these 5 new brands on East Dane

East Dane, an online shop for men's clothing, shoes, accessories, and gift items, has recently added 5 more brands to its impressive roster of designers and brands. I already lost count with how many names they carry but it's more than 200 already by my estimate.

So anyway, here are these 5 new names:

Launched in 2013, DDUGOFF is a fairly new brand whose aesthetic is anchored on informal wear but which still look tidy. The clothes are both eye-catching and understated. It's also worth noting that the designer, Daniel DuGoff, has had experience working for Patrik Ervell, Derek Lam, and Marc by Marc Jacobs before launching his own line.

new brands on east dane 01
Tropical blocks T-shirt, windowpane pullover, and grosgrain easy pants.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Apr2015: Silver against the sun


I don't understand what kept me from wearing them but yesterday my pair of silver brogues finally hit the road close to four months after getting them. At this point the sun is shining blindingly bright, so I thought I'm going to give him a dose of his own medicine by reflecting everything back.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

DESIGN | Artelano11: The Eric Paras furniture showroom

eric paras 01
Just one of the many spaces at Artelano11 all spruced up.

Calling it a showroom, I think, trivializes what Artelano11 (or A-11) is. After all, it is not just a room but three full houses of Eric Paras-designed furniture and a host of other things. Yes, three full houses!

The houses date back to the 1950s and are part of the compound at 2680 F.B. Harrison Street in Pasay City where The Henry Hotel Manila is located. Paras, a renowned Filipino interior designer who's also working with furniture, was responsible for the interiors of the hotel.

We were happy to check out A-11 when we stayed at The Henry last March. We were also lucky to meet the designer himself, whom we saw again at the recent Manila FAME. Allow me to give you a little photo tour.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

FASHION | 25% off your order with East Dane's Friends & Family Event

It sure doesn't seem too long ago when online menswear shopping site East Dane held a site-wide sale to ring in the arrival of spring. If you missed that one, East Dane is giving you another chance with their Friends & Family Event where you can take 25% off your order.


Before you get all excited, here are a few details to take note of:

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DESIGN | Wishing I had spent more time at Manila FAME

manila fame 01
Fell in love with this beautifully crafted lighting fixture at the Kenneth Cobonpue and Hive special setting at Manila FAME. Unfortunately I can't have it; otherwise our dining area would have to be Japanese style, the one where you sit cross-legged on the floor. Whether I can afford it, though, is another question.

This is such a belated post as it's been two weeks already since the March 2015 staging of Manila FAME wrapped up. But I felt I just had to document my experience somehow no matter how late. Well, I did an interim outfit post to fill in the gap, which was about what to wear to an event where business attire is encouraged but not required but where you still want to play it safe.

Moving on, Manila FAME is considered the country's premiere design and lifestyle event. Held twice a year, it's a showcase of Philippine products ranging from furniture to holiday gifts and fashion. It's one of those events I've meaning to attend for some time now and finally last March 15, I was able to with Kwittiegirl.

So what did I see? A lot actually. Though some booths do not allow taking photos, here's a sampling of what was there from among those that allowed cameras.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

FASHION | The bomber and other light jackets

Spring may be coming -- at least elsewhere in the globe -- but that doesn't mean there won't be evenings and other moments when it gets a little chilly. For that, cover up with a nice and handsome bomber jacket. Or any other lightweight piece for that matter.

Here are a few choices from online menswear shopping site East Dane that you may like:

light jackets
The houndstooth jacquard weave gives this Public School a modern and eye-catching edge. Love it to bits!
How about a splatter of color, in a smudged effect? From Henrik Vibskov.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ART | The blockbuster that was Art in the Park 2015

art in the park 2015 01
A sampling of eye candies at this year's Art in the Park, at least two of which now have new homes (*wink wink*).

It was exactly 364 days of waiting since the first time I've been to Art in the Park, an annual one-day event organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines Inc. and Philippine Art Events Inc. where affordable artwork is sold. Set in, er, a park, the event has consistently been attracting a sizeable crowd eager to buy or simply peruse works of art from big-named and independent art galleries, art schools, and other groups.

Kwittiegirl was with me this time around and we both joined in the legions of people who trooped to the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati City last Sunday, March 22. We arrived at around 11 in the morning and the place was already packed. Although the country's most significant affordable art fair wasn't scheduled to open until 10am, there were reportedly already hordes of people waiting outside the park's gates as early as 8am. Unbelievable!

Art in the Park 2015 felt all too familiar to me. Aside from the heat and humidity -- which prompted me to wear a tank top and folded jeans -- it still had that same hip and frenetic vibe with dozens of participating galleries and groups showcasing a diverse array of artworks. The hurried feel was evident among people like us who were eager to snag the best possible art pieces before someone else beats you to them. With such a huge number of people in attendance, those manning the tents were definitely harassed, though I'd bet they were happy with their sales.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 22March2015: The tank, the art, the park

The band's bassist who obviously doesn't know how to play bass.

Spent a good part of today at Art in the Park 2015, which Kwittiegirl and I have been looking forward to since, er, last year. But more on that in another post.

So what to wear to a park where a lot of art aficionados and curious souls alike were expected to descend, and when summer is just about getting started with its onslaught? Having already experienced Art in the Park last year I knew very well what to expect, and it involves sweating a lot and slugging it out with everyone else. I had to be prepared, so I picked a tank top.
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