Saturday, February 25, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Lightweight blazer and shorts

halfwhiteboy matching shorts and blazer 01

On a whim I decided I'd wear a blazer and matching shorts to Art Fair Philippines last Sunday. It's no suit but there's something to it because the fabric of both blazer and shorts - which I bought separately (years apart in fact) - are an exact match, which is a textured meld of powder blue and white. I also have matching pants, which, when worn with the blazer, made me look like I was attending a summer wedding.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Sweater love

halfwhiteboy thick sweater 01

I'm really loving the weather these past days. Though I know this is probably what summer feels like in some countries but to us third-world, tropical country dwellers, this is "winter!" Especially in the office.

So it's time to bring the sweaters out!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Covering up in a long cardi

halfwhiteboy long cardigan and ripped jeans 01

I love long cardigans, even if I don't really own a lot of them. There's something about them that affords the wearer some instant swagger. Think of how it flutters gloriously as it catches the wind while you saunter your way through the streets or the halls of your office. Pure swag! Or at least that's what I think.

I've found myself channeling The Dark Knight with a long cardigan before and on another occasion, a wizard (of the Harry Potter mold). So when I chanced upon an even longer cardi, I knew I just had to get it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

LIFESTYLE | A taste of romance at the Manila Pavilion Hotel

A Taste of Romance

If you're looking for a nice Valentine dinner with your special someone but don't want to break the bank, might I suggest the Manila Pavilion Hotel for you? I mean, it's not dirt-cheap but it's very reasonable if you want to impress.

With The Taste of Romance: A Valentine's Dinner Buffet at Seasons Restaurant, you and your partner are sure to get your fill of good food (including this month's featured offer, Tri-Color Ravioli stuffed with truffle cream cheese and quail eggs), with live entertainment from Willy and Maely Ann San Juan--all in a classy hotel setting. Ladies also get a sweet gift and a glass of sparkling wine to cap off the evening. All these for only Php 1,200 nett.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Not a suit

halfwhiteboy matching blazer and pants 01

A suit it technically is not but yes, the blazer and pants are a perfect match. Like that time when I looked like I was attending a summer wedding when in fact I was actually at work--I mean, seriously, it looked like the perfect summer wedding outfit--I got the blazer first and just chanced upon the pants in the same store months later.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FOOD | Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is love

halfwhiteboy tokyo milk cheese factory 01

I suddenly had this craving for Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory cookies. We first chanced upon their pop-up store at Greenbelt 5 late last year and instantly fell in love. The cookies--buttery soft with a light crunch and a rich and creamy filling sandwiched in between--are pure heaven. They remind me of a similar product from Pablo months prior.

Monday, January 30, 2017

FRAGRANCE | Dior Homme Intense: Another one for the cooler months

halfwhiteboy dior homme intense 01

Opened only after almost a year, this bottle of Christian Dior's Dior Homme Intense is finally on active rotation. I was saving it for the "cooler" months, so it was quite an exercise on self-restraint for me.

Packed in a sturdy and straightforward bottle, and with a distinctive black cylinder covering the pump's siphon, Dior Homme Intense is a warm and woodsy fragrance perfect for cooler temperatures. It's obvious from my other fragrance reviews and posts that I'm partial to warm scents, so me getting a bottle of this Dior creation is no surprise at all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Checkmate

halfwhiteboy checkered shirt 01

A plaid, or checkered shirt is always fun to wear. It hardly ever needs any styling because it already is your outfit's statement piece (although of course you can always insist on styling it). Oftentimes I simply pair one with the right pants and I'm good to go.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Keeping it loose in "Judo shorts"

halfwhiteboy rafe x bench shorts 01

Why do people buy stuff that they don't use? I don't know because I, too, am guilty of that. Well, sort of. It's just that it takes me time to wear them, like these denim shorts from the Rafe x Bench collab of last year. They call them "Judo shorts" for some reason, and it comes with a denim belt.

Rafe Totengco's design goes against the usual fitted and tapered lot, sporting wider leg openings that spell comfort and ease. I've always been for slim silhouettes but every once in a while I do also go for loose-fitting clothes.

DINING | TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie (Power Plant Mall)

halfwhiteboy tuantuan powerplant mall 01
Come in!

A brasserie is definitely French although it has of course already evolved the world over. Case in point: a Chinese brasserie, which TuanTuan touts itself as.

TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie offers Hong Kong comfort food in a French-inspired setting. Part of a restaurant chain, the Power Plant Mall restaurant in Rockwell is their fourth branch in the Philippines. I've first tried it in November last year and have been there at least two more times since.

Interiors and ambiance
The restaurant is designed as a single brightly lit space where everything and everyone are in full view all at once. That said, I wish the layout was thought out better, like maybe throw in a couple of partitions here and there. But hey, it serves its purpose as a place where people dine; just not ideal for dates and stuff.
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